Special Occasion Albums

For a Once-In-A-Lifetime Event, You Want a Once-In-A-Lifetime Album and We Design Just That.

Special Occasion Photo Albums - Custom Photo Albums & Gift IdeasAs Storytellers, we have access to the top print labs, available only to professionals. From this pool, we’ve scoped out the album lines that provide the very best quality per dollar spent.

A Note about Albums for Special Occasions:

One of the biggest reasons for wanting albums is to commemorate a special occasion, and for that, folks usually want something a cut above. Unfortunately, that has often limited them to the usually expensive options offered from the photographer. But this is changing!

Traditionally, photographers have charged a very low fee for a sitting or to shoot an occasion and make their money by greatly marking up the output: most notably any prints or albums you might want.

But today, more and more photographers are offering a more transparent pricing model where the photographer charges fairly for their time and talent in shooting the event, but then makes the images available to the client to do what they wish with. This model allows the client to:

  • Shop for the best value for their albums and prints
  • Use them in other projects such as Photo Wall Art, or Fusion Videos
  • Take advantage of their guests’ photo and video contributions!

And for the photographer, this model allows them to concentrate on what they do best: capturing the very best moments of your special occasion.

Knowing this, if you’re involved with the planning of a special event, make sure to ask the photographer if they will provide your images to you on CD or flash drive. If they will, we encourage you to let us know what you have in mind and then ask for a quote. If we decide to work together, we will custom design your album (and any other projects you might like) to your unique event while getting you the very best value for your dollar.

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