Video Fusion Slideshows

Beyond Slideshows – Memories that Move.

What in the world is a Video Fusion Show? Isn’t it just a slideshow? No way!

This genre is often called a slideshow, but that term just doesn’t describe what we do. Our Fusion Videos are not the run-of-the-mill slideshows that you you usually see or fall asleep to. Rather, we create an experience that is as special as the memories & lives you’re celebrating.

Our Fusion Videos combine your photos and video with music and/or narration, to tell your story in the most touching way you can imagine.

A Fusion Video provides a wonderful tribute to enjoy when family and friends are gathered and also serves as a special keepsake for years to come.

A Fusion Video is the BEST way to relive any special event. Here’s why:

At a wedding, graduation or other special occasion, you’ll likely have a photographer but your guests will also be taking photos and video. We take the best of the photos and video clips, and combine them with your music choices to make a show far more powerful than any of the media seen by itself!

A Fusion Show also makes fantastic entertainment or a moving tribute AT the event. Some examples are:

  • Anniversary Parties where the show re-lives the couple’s years together
  • At a Wedding showing the couple’s courtship
  • At a Funeral or Memorial where the show celebrates the person’s life with the photos and music that truly represents them.
Fusion Video
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